Thursday, December 11, 2008

38 Week Check Up

Well, we had a great check up with the doctor today! I have dilated to two centimeters and doing well. Dr. Breland told us that he would not be surprised if he saw us at the hospital this weekend...that kind of took us by surprise. We are definitely ready! However, Ms. Jordan will come when she is ready to come. We are getting very excited to see her and we will keep you updated as time goes on! Wish us luck over the weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Well,we are quite excited too. I told Jonathan that you need to walk around the block a couple times. It is soooo cute how she is smiling in the ultra-sound pictures! I know her daddy was talking to her and made her smile.:) That is absolutely awesome. Luck and prayers for a great weekend. Lots of Love, Grandpa and Grandma Brooks