Monday, December 1, 2008

Welcome to the Gibson Family blog

Hello! We have finally completed a blog so we can keep in contact with everyone. We wanted an easy way to keep everyone updated and be able to stay in touch with those we don't get to see very often.

Things are going well here in Florida. We are counting down to D-Day (Jordan's due date). We have 24 days to go!! I can't believe it's here already! I have posted some pictures of our 11 year old children, as well as some belly shots.

We really hope that everyone enjoys the website and we hope that it makes it easier to stay in touch!!!!

These are at 33 weeks: (We are now at 35 weeks)

Here are recent pictures of our other babies, Chipper & Chewy: (They are in for a big surprise and some major changes in the next few week)

This fall has been rather eventful. We had a great Halloween party at Katie's house. It was an awesome time!!! Jordan even got to participate in the festivities by going as The Great Pumpkin. No one really believed that it was my belly, but Katie and Kay did a great job coloring.

Well that is all for now. I will try to be updating at least once a week or so until Jordan is born. Please pray for a safe and healthy delivery. We will keep everyone posted as the time gets closer!!!


Anonymous said...

Jessica & Jonathan,
We brought a blanket home from the hospital with the baby's sent on it so the dogs could get used to the new family addition! It helped A LOT! Watch them with it--If they sleep on it, you know there's nothing to worry about--now, if they pee on it, you'll know you might have an issue! :) Shae

Dad & Mom Brooks said...

Hi guys:) Jessica I cannot believe that pumpkin is your belly!!! You should enter that picture is some contest - it is destined to win a prize!!! Love the pictures of your Christmas decorations. Bet the neighbors are quite envious. See you soon. Can hardly wait to get my hands on Jordan! Love, Mom and Dad

The Gibson's said...

I am glad that everyone is enjoying the blog! If you have suggestions please let us know. We are in teh Christmas parade next week so we will add more pics then!

Anonymous said...

Am at work. Just showed the girls your blog pictures. They think the pumpkin is too cool also. About half the gifts are wrapped. MUST get clothes out to the camper - hopefully this weekend. Love Mom & Dad