Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Second Week

Well Jordan is officially two weeks old as of 1/6/09!!! She is growing and already looks so much bigger than she did just a few days ago. We are on a good schedule right now and hopefully we will be able to tweek it just a little more. She is a wonderful baby and a lot of fun! She enjoys watching football with her daddy and playing on her floor mat. Chipper and Chewy think she is ok. Chipper is rather protective of her (pictures to come later). Chewy just kind of sniffs her and then runs off. He is missing spending so much one on one time with us. However, we are trying to rememdy that when Jordan is taking a nap.

Overall life is great and we are thoroughly enjoying spending our time with Miss Jordan. We can't kiss her enough!!! For those of you in Indy, we will be making a trip home in February. The dates have not been set yet, but I will keep you updated as the time gets closer. Mom and dad have been here and have been a HUGE help during the past two weeks. Jonathan's mom Kathy has been extremely helpful as well! Grandma Brooks is not going to be able to stay away for too long though!
I will update with some pictures in the next few days!