Friday, February 27, 2009

First week of school and going back to work

This week was our first week of daycare. However, mommy has chosen to call it school because it makes mommy feel better about having to take Jordan there. Jordan is having a great time and enjoying her classroom. There was another little boy who started this past Monday as well. He is a few months older than Jordan. Monday was a little rough, but Wednesday and today were great. She has been playing alot, smiling, and talking more. She is also able to hold her head up VERY well at this point. Mommy is having a much harder time than Jordan at this point, but she has done well with trying to keep those emotions away from Jordan so that school is a positive experience. She is enjoying her teachers and her room thus far and we just hope that it keeps up for a long time.

Next week Jordan will be attending all week since mommy has to return to work the following week on the 9th of March. It is going to be hard to leave her all day, but mommy will make it, it just might be hard at first.

We are very proud of Miss Jordan and how well she is doing. She just keeps growing and getting smarter by the second. I will be posting her two month pictures soon so be watching for those!