Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work, daycare, and changing times

Well, I have officially rejoined the working world...although I am not happy about it. I realized over the past 12 weeks that I could easily be a stay at home mom and it would not bother me one bit. However, that is not the reality of our situation SO back to work it is. On the 9th of March I returned to my place of employment. It is sad when you have been gone for 3 months and nothing has changed...not even a little. The good news is Jordan is right down the street at daycare and I can go spend a full hour with her during my lunch break. It is wonderful to be able to do that and it is a lot of fun!
At daycare Jordan has a new friend. He is a few months older than her, but they will be in the same classrooms while they grow up. When I worked in daycare there were three kids that grew up together and they were the best of friends. We are excited that Jordan is getting the social interaction and enjoying it. She will coo and reach out to other babies and she just smiles all the time! She loves her teacher and gets very excited when she gets dropped off (when she is awake that is). The early mornings are starting to get to her but she is adjusting well to her new least better than mommy.
Miss Jordan she has actually been sleeping most of the night. Mommy and daddy are VERY thankful of that! Mommy has to get up earlier now, but it's ok; it's more time that I get to spend with Jordan.
Last Friday we took Jordan to her first Friday Fest. For those of you who are not familiar, Friday Fest is where a lot of the car clubs and different shops set up downtown and the city closes off the main drag of downtown Panama City. There are food booths and games for kids and it's fun to walk around and see all the different cars. I have attached a couple of pictures from that. Jordan had a great time hanging out with Katie, Candice, and Greg during the evening. We also got to see all of our friends in the Corvette club.

A word about time changes...
Those who are in charge, supposedly, should have a young infant when they have to vote on if a state should change times in the spring and fall. Not only does it throw them off, it causes mommy and daddy to get even less sleep than what they are already getting. I feel that those making these decisions should have to go through a time change with an infant 4 months old or younger. Why, might you ask? Because they just don't understand how excited parents get when their adorable little one start slipping into a routine and then it is thrown all out of whack because a few certain people feel that it would be fun to lose an hour of time. I vote for keeping time the same all year round.