Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Five Months and Growing!

Jordan became 5 months old officially on May 23, 2009. We ended up having a doctor's appointment this month due to a cold that she had. She is 15.5 lbs!!! Jordan has been busy over the past month. She is sitting up for about 30-45 seconds before tipping over. However, she takes it in stride. We also learned over the past month that she loves dogs. During our trip to Orlando she had a couple encounters with some dogs and she loves them. They would bark or lick her and she just giggles. We think it is great!!! Nothing beats her "brothers", but she definitely thinks dogs are very cool.
The picture below was taken after a day out last weekend. She loves her Leo the Lion. Leo goes where we go and she is getting pretty attached to him. He is a great pal and is there when teething becomes hard to handle.

This next picture was taken prior to going to school for the day. It was green day at school and decided to wear our Tigger for the day!